Laurel County Kentucky Delinquent Property Taxes

Kentucky Statues dictate how delinquent property taxes are collected.

You can read details at the Kentucky Department of Revenue website.

During the month of April, all the delinquent property tax bills are transferred to the County Clerk.

The Laurel County Sheriff will deliver to the Laurel County Clerk all property tax bills remaining unpaid.

At this point, the unpaid property tax bills become known as “Certificates of Delinquency”.

This “Certificate of Delinquency” represents a lien against the property.

Interest at the rate of 1% per month begins to accrue

The Laurel County Attorney is required to send a first notice by May 15th to the delinquent taxpayers.

If unpaid by June 15th, a second notice is sent.

The remaining Certificates of Delinquencies will be offered for sale to third party purchasers on a date established by the clerk.

The County Clerk conducts the sale pursuant to state law. The sale of unpaid tax bills is pursuant to Kentucky State Law.

The specifics about the sale will be advertised in the Sentinel Echo approximately 30 days prior to sale.

In addition, a listing of each Certificate of Delinquency is also published.

The clerk maintains a current listing of Certificates of Delinquencies remaining on the web at

If a Certificate of Delinquency is sold to a third party purchaser, the property owner must work with the third party to arrange for payment of the delinquency.

There will be substantial additional fees that will be applied to the total due by the third party purchaser.

An installment payment plan can be requested of a third party purchaser.​

The Laurel County Clerk does conduct over the counter sales of Certificates of Delinquency. These are Certificates that have not been sold to third party purchasers at the annual public auction.

These Certificates may be reviewed at the County Clerk’s Office.

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